How we help

Our team will work with your team to assess each product or program and the competitive landscape, connecting suppliers with retailers where there is a shared benefit.  Through thoughtful partnerships built on decades of trust, extensive market knowledge and thorough research, we can match your product to the right retailer every time.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

  • Evaluate Competitive Landscape
  • Understand The Value Proposition
  • Develop “Go to Market” Strategy

Retail Connections

  • The Right Channels
  • The Right Product
  • The Perfect Synergies

Program Setup

  • Item Build
  • Digital Assets
  • Item Maintenance

Backend Maintenance

  • Marketing
  • Pricing\Costing
  • Logistics

Enhanced Analytics

  • Inventory Productivity
  • Price Elasticity
  • Regional Performance

Continual Search

  • Identify White Place
  • Line Extensions
  • Constant Improvement

Retail Solutions


Individualized Plans
Outlining a customized strategy based on the individual needs of every program, retailer and supplier-retailer combination.
Collective Strategies
Building a ‘foundation’ of growth with suppliers and retailers for long term, strategic success.
Network Extension
Connecting and building our vast network of suppliers and retail partners across nearly all retail segments.
Continual Support
Our comprehensive understanding of the entire process allows us to drive strategy and support the “go to market” plan with data and analytics for managing all aspects of the business.

Our Promise


“Striving towards constant improvement • Matching the right brands to the right retailers • Understanding the power of people and experience • Adding value through strong partnerships, market knowledge, and actionable analytics”